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On The Easel Gallery progression paintings show multiple images of the artists process from beginning sketch work to the finished oil on canvas composition.

Completed Work -- Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Sports Teams

Tom has finished another exciting new entertainment series project, a bit closer to his typical sports themed work. Classic Sports Teams is a compilation of 144 classic sports team logos created with the same whimsical style Tom has become so well known for.

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Sports Teams

Row 1 -- Ravens, Timbers, Suns, Mariners, Bengals, Revolution, Steelers, Hurricanes, Bluejays, Sounders, Giants, Wizards
Row 2 -- Rays, Chiefs, DC United, Penguins, Magic, Bucks, Padres, Lakers, Rams, Flames, Knicks, Pirates
Row 3 -- Bears, Astros, Eagles, Rapids, Blackhawks, Marlins, Senators, Tigers, Nets, Saints, Sporting, Packers
Row 4 -- Orlando City, Ducks, Heat, Broncos, Athletics, Texans, Jazz, Jets, Coyotes, Pistons, Orioles, Sharks
Row 5 -- Rangers, Raptors, Oilers, Cavaliers, Quakes, 76ers, Brewers, NYC FC, Falcons, Angels, Sabres, Red Bull
Row 6 -- Seahawks, Phillies, Titans, Flyers, Vikings SKOL!, Rangers, Galaxy, Pelicans, Royals, Union, Colts, Blazers
Row 7 -- Spurs, Cowboys, Wild, Kings, Reds, Jaguars, Islanders, Dynamo, Hornets, Twins, Pacers, Blue Jackets
Row 8 -- Nationals, Red Wings, Yankees, Atlanta United FC, Maple Leafs, Timberwolves, Cardinals, Thunder, FC Dallas, Grizzlies, Panthers, Red Sox
Row 9 -- Whitecaps, Mavericks, Chargers, Dodgers, Hawks, Mets, Real FC, Stars, Rockies, Canadians, Raiders, Jets
Row 10 -- Lighting, Panthers, Blues, Dolphins, Fire, Canucks, Cardinals, Lions, Warriors, Diamondbacks, Toronto FC, Bills
Row 11 -- Bulls, Crew, White Sox, Rockets, 49ers, Clippers, Kings, Celtics, Devils, Browns, Braves, Predators
Row 12 -- LA FC, Bucks, Impact FC, Redskins, Cubs, Patriots , Nuggets, Avalanche, Indians, Bruins, Giants, United FC

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