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on the easel gallery team painting

On The Easel Gallery progression paintings show multiple images of the artists process from beginning sketch work to the finished oil on canvas composition.

Completed Painting -- Thomas Jordan Gallery -- BYU Cougars Tribute
BYU Cougars Tribute -- Painting Progression -- Use controls to view all images.

Tom is happy to announce the completion of another new painting, a tribute to the BYU Cougars football team. The BYU Cougars football team is the college football program representing Brigham Young University (BYU). The Cougars began collegiate football competition in 1922, and have won 23 conference championships and one national championship in 1984. The team has competed in several different athletic conferences during its history, but since July 1, 2011, they have competed as an Independent.

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- BYU Cougars Tribute

Row 1 (Back Row) -- Cosmo the Cougar, The Y Logo, BYU's Centennial Carillon Tower, Austin Collie, Luke Staley, BYU Cougar Logo, Chad Lewis, Jamaal Williams, The Y on Y mountain, Cougar Statue, Brigham Young
Row 2 -- Marc Wilson, Ty Detmer, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bossco, Zach Wilson, Taysom Hill
Row 3 -- Daniel Sorensen, Todd Christensen, Brigham Young & Cougar Script, Kyle Van Noy, Dennis Pitta
Row 4 -- Ziggy Ansah, Rob Morris, Bart Oates, Trevor Matich, John Tait, Brett Keisel, Fred Warner