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On The Easel Gallery progression paintings show multiple images of the artists process from beginning sketch work to the finished oil on canvas composition.

Completed Work -- Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Quilt Blocks

Tom has completed work on an exciting new project and the eighth painting to be added to his Classic Entertainment Series. Classic Quilt Blocks is a compilation of classic quilt block patterns and it is sure to be enjoyed by quilting enthusiasts.

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Quilt Blocks

Row 1 -- Crown Of Thorns, Morning Star, Lady of The Lake, Jack In The Pulpit, School House, Ohio Star, Broken Dishes, Friendship Star, Hovering Hawks, Corn and Beans
Row 2 -- Double Nine Patch, Whirling Star, Dresden Plate, North Star, Dutchman's Puzzle, Pineapple, North Carolina Star, Summer Basket, Night and Day Star, Red Cross
Row 3 -- St Louis Star, Card Trick, Salem, Log Cabin, Star of the Milky Way, Goose Tracks, Album, Lone Star, Devil's Claw, Missouri Star
Row 4 -- Hawaiian, Fool's Square, Crazy House. Bird's Nest, Marion's Choice, Fanny's Fan, Odd Fellow's Chain, T Block, Double Wedding Ring, Maryland Star
Row 5 -- Mariner's Compass, Flying Shuttles, Dublin Steps, A Dandy, Goose in the Pond, Sunbonnet Sue , King's Crown, Old Maid's Puzzle, Trip Around The World, Rosebud
Row 6 -- Gentleman's Fancy, Weathervane, Rose of Sharon, Premium Star, Lemoyne Star, Capital T, Best of All, Jacob's Ladder, Sawtooth, Duck and Ducklings
Row 7 -- Antique Tile, Molly Block, Grandma's Puzzle, Joy Bells, Linoleum, Providence, Pinwheel, Magic Boxo, Handy Andy, True Blue
Row 8 -- Cat's Cradle, Tippecanoe, Celtic Twist, Middle Stars, Feathered Star, Snail's Tails, Burgoyne Surrounded, 54-40 Or Fight, Carolina Lily, Kansas Star
Row 9 -- Churn Dash, Oak Leaf, Bear Paw, Spools, Hidden Star, Storm At Sea, Four X Star, Doves In The Window, Rail Fence, Rising Star
Row 10 -- Ocean Waves, Union Block, Mayflower, Maple Leaf, Arrowheads, Grandma's Flower Garden, Rolling Stone, Road To Oklahoma, Cake Plate, Flying Dutchman

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Leave a comment along with YOUR favorite classic quilt block pattern and it may be included in this painting.