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On The Easel Gallery progression paintings show multiple images of the artists process from beginning sketch work to the finished oil on canvas composition.

Completed Painting -- Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Christmas Painting

Tom has finished working on this Classic Entertainment painting, Classic Christmas. When you think of the holidays and Christmas, what comes to mind? That is the premise of this classic Christmas painting. Memories come to life as this painting includes as much great Christmas themed content as the canvas can hold. And it's sure to be quite a conversation starter in your home over the holiday season as well.

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Classic Christmas Tribute Art

Row 1 (back row) -- Kings of Orient Are, Nativity Scene with Miss Molly, Star on top of the Tree, Santa and all of his Raindeer on Christmas Eve
Row 2 -- Fat Santa, Max, Silent Night Scene with Miss Molly, Silver Bells, A Partridge in a Pear Tree, Day 1 Scrooge's door Knocker, Charlie in a Box, Ice Skates, Movie White Christmas, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Santas with a Coke
Row 3 -- Tiny Tim, Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy, Movie Trading Places, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Fender Strato-caster electric guitar, Dinosaur 1, Day 2 Toy Story, Two Turtle Doves, Mickey Mouse Merry Christmas, North Pole Sign, Rudolph again, Joy to the World Ornament
Row 4 -- Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Freemason's Square & Compass, Day 5 Peace Sign, Three French Hens, US Army Logo, Felix Nav- idad, Olaf from Frozen, Dolly, Toys For Tots, Day 4 Movie Home Alone, The Leg Lampshade, TickleMe Elmo, NHL Logo, Nin- tendo, Day 3 Legos, Dinosaur 2, Salvation Army Logo, M&Ms with a gift, Bob with Miss Molly, Father Christmas, KWANZAA, Ebenezer's Gravestone
Row 5 -- NBA Christmas, Ugly Sweater, Stuffed Stocking with Miss Molly, Dinosaur 3, Movie Miracle on 34th Street, MLS Logo, Transformers, Hunger Games, Sleigh Bells, Movie Holiday Inn, Day 10 Sheri, Marines Logo, Spotted Elephant, Barbie Logo, Five Golden Rings, Day 5 GI JOE Logo, Jurassic Park, Day 9 Air Force Logo, Movie It's a Wonderful Life, Movie Scrooge, Four Calling Birds, NASCAR Logo with Miss Molly, Yukon Cornelius, Day 8 The Smurfs, Radio City Music Hall Sign, Cindy Lou Who quote in wreath, Christmas postage stamp, The Ghost of Christmas yet to come, The one Ring to rule them all
Row 6 -- Santa checking his list with Miss Molly, 007 Logo, Day 17 Slinky Toy, Six Geese a Laying, Day 16 Christmas Moose, Movie A Christmas Story, Coast Guard Logo, Movie Best Man Holiday, Day 15 NBA Logo, Merry Christmas Script, Elvis hoping to be home for Christmas, Day 14 Christ Symbol, Movie Christmas Vacation, Menorah, Day 13 Hello Kitty, Mrs Claus, Kids on a toboggan with Miss Molly, Movie Planes Trains and Automobiles, Navy Logo, MLS Logo, Seven Swans a Swimming, Secret Santa, Dinosaur 4
Row 7 -- The Grinch, Daisy Red Ryder Logo, Movie Bad Santa, Day 22 PGA Logo, Day 23 9 Lady's Dancing, The Bumble, Cabbage Patch Kids, Boxing Day, NFL Logo, Movie A Very Kumar Christmas with Miss Molly, Mr Potato Head, Day 21 Star Wars, Sam the Snow Man, Movie Babes in Toy Land, Eight Maids a Milking, USA Soccer Logo, The Deathly Hallows Logo, Day 20 Movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Movie A Nightmare Before Christmas, Dinosaur 6, Santa Claus, Holiday Cheer sign, Day 19 Barney and Miss Molly, Movie The Shop Around The Corner, Movie Die Hard, Yule Log, Mistletoe, Bing Crosby Christmas Album, Movie A Christmas Carol, Santa's Helpers, Ten Lords a Leaping, Day 18 Pokemon
Row 8 -- Eleven Pipers Piping, Cookie Exchange, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock, Dinosaur 6, Coke Polar Bear and Cub, Movie The Santa Claus, A Nutcracker, Hermey the Elf that wanted to be a Dentist, Day 25 Christmas Day!, The Muppets Christmas, Do not open until Christmas Tag, Day 24 Beanie Babies Tag, Miss Molly, The Pickle, Fred Claus and Minions, Teddy Bear, Gizmo the Gremlin, Elf, a Kitty, Elf on a Shelf, Christmas Dolly, Twelve Drummers Drumming
Row 9 (front row) -- Charlie's Christmas Tree, Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Snow Globe, Classic Christmas Logo, Shopping Days until Christmas sign, A White Elephant Gift Exchange, The Polar Express with Miss Molly

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TJG Christmas Painting
TJG Christmas Painting
TJG Christmas Painting
TJG Christmas Painting
TJG Christmas Painting
TJG Christmas Painting

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- 12 Mollys of Christmas